About Riverland Speedway

Riverland Speedway Promotions Inc. is a committee based and run dirt speedway circuit. As an incorporated body the track is run on a non-profit basis, with all income generated being used to improve the track and facilities, as well as paying all costs incurred in running the complex and meetings.
All work at the complex is done on a voluntary basis by committee and club members. These include working on improvements as well as most of the positions on race nights.

Anyone with a love of motor sport is welcome to become a member.

If you can help to fill any of our varied positions, please do not hesitate in contacting the club or a committee member, as the more members and volunteers we have the easier the work becomes, also larger projects can be undertaken.


The track surface is a combination of crusher dust and clay. The track is ‘D’ like in shape and is 330 meters long 1 meter from the pole line; it has a 1.8 meter camber and is 12 meters wide at the start / finish line.


The club also greatly appreciates any form of sponsorship be it in the form of time, money, loan of equipment or goods. Sponsorship is compensated for by any or all of these; addition to race programs, announcements over the P.A. system, inclusion in posters, commercials and addition to this web site including links if available.

If you can help in sponsorship, please do not hesitate in contacting the club or a committee member as the bigger we become the more people we bring to the region; thus helping local businesses in generating revenue.